From BREEDWELL: "Breedwell Cumdump Jock is our take on the classic, old-school woven jock— the kind that only gets better, softer and smellier the more you wear it.With a stretchy, woven cock pouch that accentuates every bulge, it holds sweat and scent. It looks undeniably hot and features a traditionally wide waistband just like your old school favorites. This is the jock you can get gross in, take loads in, and keep as a cum-soaked souvenir."


NOTE: "As with all of our jocks, this line also comes with 3 snaps detailing. You can attach our GLOW pouch (sold separately) and turn your regular jockstrap into a LED jock when you feel the mood to light the night. Make sure to get the matching GLOW pouch with your jockstrap purchase"